A unique organic, ergonomic and futuristic Design.

For a sustainable environment beneficial to future generations. The future is now!

An Art & Technology environment for all!

A concept giving a cultural dimension to urban planning.

Animated by the concern of teaching and learning through play. A win-win concept!

Educational games, sports and rest areas for the young and the older people.

Artistic and technical objectives.

ARTOTEC is also an organization of experts in the fields of technology, science and art
that aims to promote the creation of new playgrounds and outdoor equipment for children and adults.

An improvement of public spaces serving the people!

A range of products recognized as artistic, aesthetic, durable, modern, colourful and of high quality
to create playgrounds and rest areas in any outdoor environment, accessible to all, adults and younger people alike.

An art project and served by innovative technology!

Serving local communities, contractors, architectural firms, landscapers and designers of urban spaces.

Following the concept of Universal Design!

Our products, both close at hand, fit perfectly in dedicated environments enhancing the grounds in which they are set.
They form a permanent feature by their existence.

Safety and sustainable!

If You wish to meet safety requirements while avoiding risks and maximizing security, quality and
safety guidelines and meet the requirements of the official guidelines for playground equipment and street furniture,then
ARTOTEC will meet your expectations!

A question, a need?

Conditions and delivery terms?
Catalog, technical features, range of colours, complementary information?
CAD drawings for orientation and space safety requirements?
Photographic documentation for publication?
Planning an exhibition or a seminar?
Knowing our recommendations?

Contact us right away by
Email: info@artotec.org
or call: int. + 46 (0)8 551 701 77
Mob: int. + 46 (0)70 22 37 842
Skype: artotec.ab

We will respond as soon as possible and support you in your project.

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ARTOTEC published in collaboration with Irrealist Editions several literary, art and design books, both for the interest in graphic and plastic arts that stimulate, inspire and educate engineers, architects, designers of urban spaces, builders and contractors in various fields .

Irrealist Art Editions have always supported us in our representation with books, catalogs, scientific publications, and also gave us assistance with multimedia tools, filmmaking and other contemporary visual and literary expressions.

Please find bellow our presentation: brochures, books and catalogs etc... published works in collaboration with renowned authors.

Those books are also available in many bookstores specializing in arts and design as well as many museums of contemporary art throughout Europe.

Those books can also be borrowed in a number of specialized art libraries, universities and colleges, especially in Europe.

Irrealist Editions has presented, represented and distributed their works on various occasions, fairs or exhibitions. Below is a list of their customers and partners.

Museums and Institutions :

In France :
Le Musée d´Art Moderne de la ville de Paris, le Centre Georges Pompidou à Paris were our first customers, followed by Art-curial, Galerie Beaubourg, institut Français et centres culturels à Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhague, Stavanger, Helsinki etc...

In Sweden :
Moderna Muséet, Lijlevalchskonsthallen, Lundkonsthall, Göteborgsmuséet, Malmömuséet, Norköpingsmuséet and konsthall, Östergötlands Läns Muséum, Örnsköldsviksmuséet, Bildmuséet Umeå, Södertälje konsthall, Upplandsväsby konsthall, Kalmar muséet, Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of esthetic and philosophy at the University of Karlstad etc...

In Norway :
Museet Samtidskunst, Museum Astrup in Oslo.

Libraries and bookstores :

Bibliothèque nationale (Paris), Kungliga biblioteket Stockholm, AkademiBokhandeln, BokSkotten Bokhandel, Bokpalatset, Hedengrens Bokhandel, Hömlan Bokhandel, I & PF, Konst Bibliofilen, Konstig AB, NK Bokhandel, Rudin Bo Bokhandel, Seelig, Sandler Mergel, Edition Sonet, Art & Form Konsthandel, Victors Konsthandel, Librairie La Plume, Librairie Torcatis, Librairie Teepe ainsi qu´à Barcelone, Copenhague, Helsinki, Stavanger, Oslo, Perpignan, Paris, Stockholm, USA, Angleterre. Biblio.com, Exlibris, Ad-Libris etc...

Shows: Bokmässan Gothenburg Book Fair, International Fair of Contemporary Art in Stockholm etc...

Those books can be ordered from ARTOTEC about four weeks for delivery. Price without VAT and shipping.

For further information please contact us! Contact-us !

ART & DESIGN books and pubications


"Between Dream and Reality; ARTOTEC´s Universe with Art et Technology”
Edition 2010, ISBN 978-91-978337-3-8
Writer: Pehr Sällström, Frédéric Iriarte
71 color reproductions, 44 pages, Hardcover
Big format 30 x 30 cm
Languages : French, Swedish
Price 65 € + port
Order to Irrealist Editions

SBI The Theorem

"Le Théorème de SBI"
The Iriarte´s Bicentric Spiral
Edition 2010, ISBN 978-91-978337-0-7
Writer: Pehr Sällström, Frédéric Iriarte
46 color reproductions, 46 pages, Hardcover
Format 21 x 21 cm
Languages : French, Swedish
Price 45 € + port
Order to Irrealist Editions

"Spirel1 à Fittja"

"Spirel1 at Fittja" Architecture of the years 70 in transformation,
Edition 2010, ISBN 978-91-978337-2-1
Photos : István Borbas, Frédéric Iriarte
53 color reproductions, 8 pages
Format 21 x 30 cm
Language: Swedish
Price 14 € + port
Order to Irrealist Editions

The CATALOG 2008

"ARTOTEC The Catalog”
Edition 2008, ISBN 978-91-978337-5-2
32 color reproductions, 12 pages
Format 21 x 30 cm
Language Swedish
Prix 20 € + port
Order to Irrealist Editions

The CATALOG 2009

Presentation of ARTOTEC´s products


ARTOTEC´s Philosophy and development
Sensibility, Thinking and Know-how.


ARTOTEC´s products presentation


ARTOTEC´s products presentation


An essay published in the Department of Art History at the University of Stockholm "From the image to recreational sculpture" a comparison and analysis between Egon Möller-Nielsen (architect and sculptor, born in 1915 in Copenhagen, died in 1959 ) and books for children. An active point of departure for the company ARTOTEC.

N.B.! Photos, text and proposals cannot be used, copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the authors! Frédéric Iriarte (contemporary artist) and ARTOTEC AB.
© Public works photographs, designs, are protected by law Design copyright and registered organizations OHIM, BUS, ARS, STIM, ADAGP, COPYSWEDE and others [ WorldWide ].