A unique organic, ergonomic and futuristic Design.

For a sustainable environment beneficial to future generations. The future is now!

An Art & Technology environment for all!

A concept giving a cultural dimension to urban planning.

Animated by the concern of teaching and learning through play. A win-win concept!

Educational games, sports and rest areas for the young and the older people.

Artistic and technical objectives.

ARTOTEC is also an organization of experts in the fields of technology, science and art
that aims to promote the creation of new playgrounds and outdoor equipment for children and adults.

An improvement of public spaces serving the people!

A range of products recognized as artistic, aesthetic, durable, modern, colourful and of high quality
to create playgrounds and rest areas in any outdoor environment, accessible to all, adults and younger people alike.

An art project and served by innovative technology!

Serving local communities, contractors, architectural firms, landscapers and designers of urban spaces.

Following the concept of Universal Design!

Our products, both close at hand, fit perfectly in dedicated environments enhancing the grounds in which they are set.
They form a permanent feature by their existence.

Safety and sustainable!

If You wish to meet safety requirements while avoiding risks and maximizing security, quality and
safety guidelines and meet the requirements of the official guidelines for playground equipment and street furniture,then
ARTOTEC will meet your expectations!

A question, a need?

Conditions and delivery terms?
Catalog, technical features, range of colours, complementary information?
CAD drawings for orientation and space safety requirements?
Photographic documentation for publication?
Planning an exhibition or a seminar?
Knowing our recommendations?

Contact us right away by
Email: info@artotec.org
or call: int. + 46 (0)8 551 701 77
Mob: int. + 46 (0)70 22 37 842
Skype: artotec.ab

We will respond as soon as possible and support you in your project.

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Our company

ARTOTEC AB designs, develops, manufactures and markets playful, recreational sculptures and street furniture accessible, solid and durable, easy to use and easy to install.
Attractive equipment for relaxing environments, playground spaces and semi-sports activities for all ages.

ARTOTEC [ Art & Technology ] is a company that combines artistic and innovative technology to the service of local authorities, contractors, architectural firms, landscape designers and creator of urban spaces.

Research & Development (R&D)

ARTOTEC [ Art & Technology ] is an organization that is interdisciplinary by bringing together experts from different fields of technology, science and art to promote the creation of innovative equipment for playgrounds and public spaces. Street furniture developed for both young and older users and as well as for people with physical or intellectual disability, with partial or total blindness.

ARTOTEC [ Art & Technology ] offers a range of products recognized as artistic, aesthetic, original, educational, unique and durable, modern, colorful and of the highest quality to create playgrounds and user friendly public spaces for all kinds of environment and activities, accessible to all.

ARTOTEC develops its expertise in three key areas :

To innovate and create an artistic identity, playful, educational, user friendly and accessible to all.
To ensure the safety, reliability, quality, efficiency and performance of our equipment and services.
To respect the environment.

ARTOTEC a quality label!

High quality product and finish.
Very robust and durable product thanks to a carefully selected choice of materials using organic design.
Our product range has been specially developed and tested according to the concept of Universal Design guidelines.
The reports on the use and accessibility of our equipment are available on our website and published on the website of the community organization The Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology (SIAT).

Our dedicated work and studies, Research and Development (R&D) has been recognized and rewarded by the Foundation Norrbacka-Eugeniastiftelsen.

We are continually developing new products, playground equipment, street furniture tailored to the needs and requirements of the user, installer and developer of urban and outdoor spaces such as garages for bicycles, papper bin, lighting , fountains, ground games. All with a distinctive character and identity, a concept, an expression [Art & Technology] in its own.

ARTOTEC collaborates with architects, local authorities, local contractors, architectural firms, landscape and urban spaces designers well known internationaly.
Today, we are a network of artists, designers, landscape architects, planners, researchers, engineers, manufacturers, artisans and qualified contractors who together work for the creation and implementation of innovative and creative environments under the name ARTOTEC.

New solutions, new challenges, new approaches to environmental sustainability and harmonious.

Our equipment has been developed and tested in collaboration with research laboratories, universities and institutions of international renown.

ARTOTEC is actively engaged on issues of sustainability and the products of our manufacturers comply with European environmental standards and requirements as our ambitious environmental policy.

For more information Contact us! today, for advice, a project, a consultation or suggestion.

The historical context, the development and the future of ARTOTEC!


Our philosophy is to combine art and technology in the development of innovative products.
Sensitivity, thinking and know-how with extensive knowledge in the fields of social, natural and humanities sciences.


ARTOTEC cooperates with universities and national and international institutions.
This cooperation takes place through technological and artistic interdiscipinairy exchanges .


We initiated and discussed, among other things with NASA, the merits of using spatial research findings new materials. "Down to Earth" is a project that aims to develop and live in the best of worlds.


The IBS theorem ~ Iriarte´s Bicentric Spiral. The discovery and application, Design from organic laws and natural phenomena. An ambitious and proven commitment on environmental issues for a sustainable future.


The public art creations of today compared to yesterday's are definitely part of the cultural history of creating a strong identity.
Creative design and interactive development.


Art and play affect us positively, it is certainly not a secret. But how? What efffets art on the physical or cognitive?
Mental health and physical health = Well Being.


All our equipment can be used by children or adults with motor or cognitive difficulties, in accordance with the recommendations of SIAT and respect the concept of universal design (design for all).
Our documentation and reports have documented a master's thesis in ergonomics defended at the University of Linköping.


Frédéric Iriarte, artist, designer, former teacher at KTH, initiator and coordinator of "Art & Technique, Color and Shape (6S4033)", "Innovation and Design", "Industrial Design with color and shape (6S2412)" has developed new ideas for playgrounds. Based on extensive research, he conducted research in the areas of materials, technical analysis, standards and regulations.


Issued by the Department of Art History at the University of Stockholm. "In the image to the sculpture to play," a comparison between Egon Möller-Nielsen (architect and sculptor, born in 1915 and died in Copenhagen in 1959), children's books and a recreational sculptures analysis. A springboard for starting ARTOTEC´s company.


ARTOTEC´s logo was inspired by:
ART (Art) = ARS ARTIS ~ Latin
TEC (Technique) = Tekné ~ Greek


Recreational Sculptures and urban furniture
[Art & Technology]



Recreational and sporting equipment for children
playground or outdoor environment.
Benches, tables, chairs (metal or wood, with or without folders)

ARTOTEC AB (=SA) registered at the commercial register
Organization number: 556768-4294
72190 Scientific and technical research and development
74101 Main activity industrial and product design

Description of the company
The company's mission is to develop, manufacture, market and sell play and sport equipment and furniture certified for children and adults. The philosophy behind the project is to merge art and technology into product development and ensure the competitiveness of the company and its ancillary and complementary activities.

ARTOTEC products are patented in accordance with international regulations.
Registered by Susanne Permerius, IP Administrator
Offices certifications: OHIM (KHIM). Public works, designs and design are protected by the laws on intellectual property rights and registered organizations BUS and CopySwede[2008-2013].

Trademarks, registered designs and design
OHIM (OHIM is the European Union agency responsible for registering trade marks and designs)
Spiral EU Diarnr 001117857-0001

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N.B.! Photos, text and proposals cannot be used, copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the authors! Frédéric Iriarte (contemporary artist) and ARTOTEC AB.
© Public works photographs, designs, are protected by law Design copyright and registered organizations OHIM, BUS, ARS, STIM, ADAGP, COPYSWEDE and others [ WorldWide ].