An unique organic, ergonomic and futuristic Design.

For a sustainable environment beneficial to future generations. The future is now!

An Art & Technology environment for all!

A concept giving a cultural dimension to urban planning.

Animated by the concern of teaching and learning through play. A win-win concept!

Educational games, sports and rest areas for the young and the older people.

Artistic and technical objectives.

ARTOTEC is also an organization of experts in the fields of technology, science and art
that aims to promote the creation of new playgrounds and outdoor equipment for children and adults.

An improvement of public spaces serving the people!

A range of products recognized as artistic, aesthetic, durable, modern, colourful and of high quality
to create playgrounds and rest areas in any outdoor environment, accessible to all, adults and younger people alike.

An art project and served by innovative technology!

Serving local communities, contractors, architectural firms, landscapers and designers of urban spaces.

Following the concept of Universal Design!

Our products, both close at hand, fit perfectly in dedicated environments enhancing the grounds in which they are set.
They form a permanent feature by their existence.

Safety and sustainable!

If You wish to meet safety requirements while avoiding risks and maximizing security, quality and
safety guidelines and meet the requirements of the official guidelines for playground equipment and street furniture,then
ARTOTEC will meet your expectations!

A question, a need?

Conditions and delivery terms?
Catalog, technical features, range of colours, complementary information?
CAD drawings for orientation and space safety requirements?
Photographic documentation for publication?
Planning an exhibition or a seminar?
Knowing our recommendations?

Contact us right away by
or call: int. + 46 (0)8 551 701 77
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Skype: artotec.ab

We will respond as soon as possible and support you in your project.

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Shelter for strollers BABYDOLINE

URBAN FURNITURE [ Art & Technology ]

ARTOTEC products have been designed, manufactured and controlled in compliance with the principles and guidelines of the latest technology and highly reliable processes, ensuring quality, durability, safety and environmental protection in accordance with European norms and standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TÜV Rheinland and safety standards EN-1176:2008 for public spaces and playgrounds areas.

Our product range has been specially developed and tested according to the concept of Universal Design guidelines.

Delivery and manufacturing: Depending on the choice of product, colours, type of foundation and the quantity, place of delivery prices can vary and be more beneficial to the client.
We will guide you to choose the best options.
Usually, the production time is 3 to 8 weeks.

Resistant furniture to spring and winter cleaning and against UV damage.
A high-quality finishing, insulating, shock absorbing, anti-scratch, anti-graffiti and suitable for outdoor environments.

The roof can be made of :
- Polycarbonate standard (4-6mm) UV resistant and virtually unbreakable.
- Hammerglass virtually unbreakable, 300 times stronger than glass.
- Or overlapping sheet or perforated plate.

Can also be completed with ergonomic benches, sit-stand seats, frontal wind protection, serial assembly, digital screen and LED lighting.

Bench/seat manufactured in:
- Perforated sheet
- Steel bar
- Wood (colored or natural)

Length: 3 000 mm
Height: 1 500mm
Width: 1 700 mm
Places: 4-8 strollers
Weight: 195 kg
Maximum Load: 375 kg

Foundation: to install on a well-drained ground.
Concrete foundations: 4
300 x 300 x 250 mm

Possible integration of digital display / touch screen / light film and decoratives projections as well as it is simple and easy to install.

Our equipment is made, tested and treated at the factory according to the European standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TÜV Rheinland.
Certificate Welding:
Category according to the standards - EN 287

Anticorrosive treatment :
For climatic zones BSK 99 C4
View the standard RAL color chart

Design : Frédéric Iriarte
© Exclusive rights ARTOTEC AB

Price : Request a free quote
Beneficial discount for bulk order.
+ Freight + concret foundations (optional).
Installation and VAT not included, tax regulations for import / export in Europe.

- Download the technical specifications

- Download the technical specifications

Shelter for strollers BABYDOLINE – our references

Ask us !

CAD Drawing in .dwg format

Installation mode
Maintenance mode

10 year warranty
According to the recommendations and instructions of installation
and maintenance for ARTOTECs products and its manufacturers.

Certificate of manufacture according to ISO 9001
Certificate of manufacture according to ISO 14001
Certificate of manufacture according to TÜV Rheinland
Welding certificate according to EN-287
Very strong anti-corrosion treatment and finishing.
Products certified to European safety standards -EN 1176:2008
Documentation JPG, PDF, 3D, CAD, AVI etc... for models, press releases, project presentation or design spaces development.

The reports on the use and accessibility of our equipment are available on our website, published in several European universities in the field of the ergonomics, innovation and industrial and scientific development, for exemple, on the website of the community organization The Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology (SIAT).

Our dedicated work and studies, Research and Development (R&D) has been recognized and rewarded by the Foundation Norrbacka-Eugeniastiftelsen.

ARTOTEC´s products - An added value!

Many possible combinations!
Choose from 200 colours of the RAL range of colours.

Steel tubes 5 mm or 3,2 mm thick with high finish coating: extra-resistant polymer developed with anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, anti-graffiti treatment for high exposure environment or extreme use (optional) with insulating properties.
Or standard finish for milder environments.
The tubes are made from recycled materials and can be reused.
Good for the environment and good for the future.
Ergonomic handle, soft shapes and durable materials.

Contact us! For pricing and delivery terms Make a request.
Depending on the choice of product, colours, type of foundation and the quantity, place of delivery prices can vary and be more beneficial to the client. We will guide you to choose the best alternatives. Usually, the production time is 3 to 8 weeks.

Send us your question, we will reply as soon as possible and support you in your efforts.

N.B.! Photos, text and proposals cannot be used, copied, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the authors! Frédéric Iriarte (contemporary artist) and ARTOTEC AB.
© Public works photographs, designs, are protected by law Design copyright and registered organizations OHIM, BUS, ARS, STIM, ADAGP, COPYSWEDE and others [ WorldWide ].